Fiji… When work and play comes together

September 15, 2019by Jasnish Gujral

Last week Eleanor and I spent 5 nights in Fiji and it was excellent. The main reason for visiting Fiji wasn’t for a holiday but to meet some developers doing an amazing project in Suva and potential.

It was great to see the vision and the visionary behind the WG International Friendship Plaza which is the tallest building in Fiji.

Interesting point we note is no matter how big or small the projects are everyone faces similar issues with the developments. The only difference is the size and scale of the problems. This reminds of the Bootcamp where GC tells everyone that “You need Bigger Problems”.

Our aim over the next few months to assist the team in Fiji and introduce them to contacts who can sell and lease their amazing building. Its going to be a challenge but very stimulating. So lookout for more posts and information as we promote this awesome development in Fiji.

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