Is it a good time to buy property?

October 1, 2018by Jasnish Gujral

I often get asked “when is it a good time to buy property?” and my response generally in Yesterday!

But truth be told, my absolute favorite time to buy is during the Christmas break, when most people are on holiday, emotions are running high, Auckland streets are quiet and weathers generally great. During this time my construction team is on break and I tend to have a bit of time on my hands to set my goals, reflect and do my thorough Due Diligence on a property.

I have noticed during the Christmas break there are less people in the market looking to buy properties and generally no new listing come up. They are either a bit stale or don’t expect any sales. Also, during this time vendors are looking for a fresh start and I’m looking to achieve my goals.

So what are you doing on your Christmas Break!

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