Park Ave finally finished!

August 1, 2018by Jasnish Gujral

Park Ave is finally completed, and it looks great, now the question is whether the market will appreciate the architecturally designed building? I know if it was a central suburb people would have appreciated it a bit more but being in Papatoetoe I’m no to sure. I must admit it doesn’t make financial sense in what I have created but in terms of satisfaction it gives me a 100% satisfaction of doing something different in the tired old area.

Unit 4 new steel framed townhouse
Unit 4 backyard

Rimu road is progressing slower than I would like and I need to find a way of getting it back on track.

Alfred st has been lodged with Auckland Council

All these builds are in line with my values of giving the customer the best possible quality build, excellent products, guarantees in place and somewhere where people would be proud to bring visitors and guests.

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