Personal Self Growth

October 20, 2018by Jasnish Gujral
I need to think 10X, which is 10x bigger than I am.

This blog is a bit more personal than I usually write about but it’s important for me to share my recent experiences.

It’s been an awesome 6 weeks since seeing Tony Robbins, I made a decision to go back to seeing my old mentor who I thought of and missed daily and because of her I have had huge growth and huge self-realisation – it’s insane!!

My goal story – I have a goal of reaching a net worth of $500m in 25 years’ time (now 24) and I had done the whole “5 Why’s” and broken it down but it still felt incomplete. Now the story – I went to a Kourek Ashley event (which was excellent) and there he asked people to raise their hands and tell everyone their goals. Eleanor my wife raises her hand and says hers and then eggs me on to raise mine but I fumble, get shy and feel embarrassed. The next few days I was bothered, annoyed and frustrated why I couldn’t share my goad and why I was embarrassed. So, I raised this with my mentor and worked through it. One I was a little shy (which is easy to overcome), but the main reason was I didn’t believe in it because I couldn’t feel my emotion being poured into it. Then after working it through with my mentor we untangled the web and I finally came up with my real emotional why’s – I want to enjoy the journey, I want to experience the excitement ( which is one of my values) I want huge personal growth and I want the friendships, the sightseeing and all that comes with the $500m, being a philanthropist.

My assertiveness story – I have been working on this for over 2-3 years now and till last month it was just a word and I knew I needed to work on it. In one of our sessions I had a huge breakthrough that to succeed in business (to get to my $500m goal) I will need to be Assertive and not let people ride all over me, justify for incompetence and not let anyone hold my future back. To this point I have been ripped off by a lot of people and trust people easily – taken people through bankruptcy, tribunal, and all sorts of stuff. I know this will keep happening again and again till I changed myself and stopped being a target nothing. So I’ve started being firm and its great for self-confidence, being able to differentiate friendship from work and not crossing those boundaries.

The photo above is my mood boards, goals, values and all those positive items in my life.

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