Reviews at the end of each year

January 25, 2019by Jasnish Gujral

I had a huge 2018/2019 interms of learning and growth. Going unconditional on development in 2017 and each development getting bigger and better than the previous.

Sitting back and thinking if its worth it – I say yes, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, less stress would be great but it would not set me up for the future and the ambitions I have.

I let go of a number of contractors who through my own naivety took advantage of me. I sat back and in my efforts to please then ended up losing huge amounts of money, faith in people and trust. Its not all bad, I learnt and am still learning the lessons below:

Not justifying for incompetence is the one of the biggest lessons I have learnt

Not to get emotions involved and try to sustain financially incapable people.

Breaking the projects down so that one part of an under performing contractor can be replaced by another contractor.

Last but not least listening to the GUT!

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