Safe Investing

December 15, 2019by Jasnish Gujral

As all of you know I am a big fan of investing in the property industry.

My first step on the ladder was going halves with my sister on a piece of land in Kinlock in my early 20’s  (which she later brought off me), through to buying and renovating and of course now developing – it’s been quite a journey over the last 15 years.

One of the main reasons I find investing in property to be the least risky is that you have the ability to leverage on the amount invested. Whether this is investing in your own property or investing in a development project – you have the option, control, and freedom of creating the gains you want.

But like any investment, even property does come with risks such as
Buying when the market is at it speak – paying too much for the investment
Buying a leaky home – working through remediation
Buying in the wrong location – this includes in the right city but the wrong suburb or buying in the wrong city altogether
Over Leveraging and over-commitment

Fortunately or unfortunately I have dealt with all of these factors and have learnt from these. Hence why I can talk and relate to people who are going through similar circumstances, and yes you could look at the above risks negatively, but I’ve found them to be great opportunities – to learn and grow and sometimes still profit. For example, buying a leaking home in a great area can turn into a great investment once it’s been re-clad ( but yes, it is painful).

So what to look at when considering property investment? Some key questions I would ask myself is
Am in for the short or long run?
How hands-on do I want to be?
How much cash am I willing to put in?

Based on these simple questions, you will then get a feel of the type of investment you want to do. Buying and holding ( personal or a rental), buying and selling, developing or investing with partners are just some options.

Like any investment, yes there are risks – but just like investing in shares, or locking it in the bank sometimes the opportunities can make it worthwhile.

My advice is always to do your research, and speak or watch to people who have been successful in the areas you are thinking about investing in and see how they do it. But – at the end of the day, you won’t know till you take the first step.

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