Tips for buying off the plans

August 24, 2020by Eleanor Dorn

Buying a home off the plans is a great way to secure a brand new home, with time to save, budget and plan before the final move-in date.

The only thing is you can’t see the property in “real life” until it’s completed – this can often deter people, however, there are quite a few upsides in buying off the plans ( check out our video on this:

So to make you feel more confident when buying off the plans we’ve shared a few tips in this video on what to do if you are considering this option to help you on your buyer journey.

  1.  Research the developer and builder
  2. Do your homework on the plans
  3. Protect yourself – during and after the development
  4. Getting the price right – ensuring your property will gain in value.

Looking at buying off the plans? Let us know if you have any questions!

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