Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Experience

September 20, 2018by Jasnish Gujral
I need to think 10X, which is 10x bigger than I am.

Eleanor and I have just completed the UPW experience with Tony Robbins and let me tell you that it was awesome and I highly recommend it.

The First day was taken by Tony himself and it ended with almost everyone doing the fire walk on the coals. After we completed the walk we thought it was a gimmick! I mean it was way to easy, but then we remembered what our friends told us who have done these several times – The first time they did it they were “in state” and had no problems but the send time around they got blisters because the focus wasn’t there and there weren’t “in state”.

The second day comprises of Joseph McClendon III taking us for the day and he was also amazing and exceeded my expectations. The thought I had was “who would be good enough to get on stage after an amazing day with Tony Robbins, and that person better be as good because they’ve got big shoes to fill (literally!)”

Third day was Transformation Day with Tony and he took us through the disempowering beliefs and empowering beliefs. This was intense, and I couldn’t quite get into the dis empowering beliefs taking over my life and still being there for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 30 years.  It was a stumbling block, but I took that upon me to resolve is as soon as I got home. Day after getting back I discussed it in a lot of detail with my amazing mentor who has been the best thing in my life other than friends and family.

The Fourth day Joseph took us again with several guest speakers who were all excellent.

People ask me what I took away from the event, was I motivated. My response:

By the end of the event we learned a lot of tips and tricks to control our mind and emotions. I am a strong believer that my mind is my strongest weapon. Being aware of the emotions is one thing but being able to get out of it by following Tonys easy steps was another. I now listen to “Life will never be the same again” which is my anchor thought and takes me back to the time I was at UPW event.

At the event and afterwards I also knew I couldn’t stay on the path I was going on if I was to reach my ambitious goals, and over the next several weeks I took several steps to controlling my destiny. These include not tolerating and defending incompetence…….

What I do need to work on now is getting more energy into my life. I know it can be done with ease but I need master it. I also need to attend Tony Business mastery event in 2019 and join his Platinum Membership in 2020. I also need to get a property mentor, the best of the best in New Zealand to get to the top.

What I’m looking forward to most is shouting a few of my close friends a ticket so that the event; I believe this is the best possible gift I can give them and will change their life as it did mine.

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