Uncle G! Grant Cardone

August 28, 2019by Jasnish Gujral
I need to think 10X, which is 10x bigger than I am.

So over the last couple of weeks Eleanor and I have been to see Grant Cardone (one of my idols) in Auckland and then in Sydney for a 2 day Bootcamp.

Auckland event was ok, very brief and basically great to see Grants energy and try and figure out if he was as great on stage as he was in his audio books and the answer is YES.

I was a little bit disappointed with the crowed as I think most of them went to see Gary Vee who you can spot fairly easily.

Then we went to see Grant at the Sydney Bootcamp where we met some awesome people from all over NZ – again funnily enough were property related! This law of attraction definitely works for me.

Key lessons learnt for me from the Sydney Bootcamp was:

I need to think 10X, which is 10x bigger than I am. So as soon as we left the event I was on the emails sending out emails from the plane to look at properties. Meet with Business partners, potential business partners and on the lookout for finance and property – the right business partners and the right property I must add. I have a goal of $500m which is now 22 years away, but I believe I can achieve it sooner.

To achieve this 10x goal I have to change a few things in the business such as I need to focus on Marketing, social media, my website, brand and the image I want to portray in the future.

I need to get my Business plan all sorted and written out. I need to network and connect with more people. When designing buildings I need to deliver as much value as possible to the buyer. I sincerely believe the saying from GC that:

Price will always be an issue in absence of value

Interesting is the meetings I have had with people back in Auckland when the mindset is correct. People want to help me grow so they can genuinely grow too. I have learnt how to use leverage to my advantage where as I kept thinking the industry only worked the way I thought – how wrong was I.

Now its time for me to focus on the business to I, my business partners and the properties are all recession proof.

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